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Pinewood Derby (12-5pm)setup 10am – Please Read the Rules in the Event Description

November 2, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm MST

It’s Derby Time!  Join the tradition!

Become one of the millions of Cub Scouts who have been building and racing Pinewood Derby® cars since 1953… Learn More – The Official BSA Pinewood Derby Site

How to build a fast Pinewood Derby Car – ‘Boys’ Life’ – Speed Secrets!

Go fast Design Tips and Tricks

  •      Add weight to bring the car up to the maximum 5 ounces allowed.
  •      Position added weight towards the back of the car. But don’t overdo it.
  •      Reduce drag by raising one wheel so it is slightly off the track.
  •      Reduce drag by filing ridges off the axle and polishing it.
  •      Give the car an aerodynamic shape.


a)      Trophies will be awarded to the first three place winners of the entire Pack.

b)      Trophies will also be awarded to the first place winners of each rank group.

c)      Cars that didn’t win for speed are eligible to win one of the following awards for appearance chosen

by voting.

1)  Most original design

2)  People’s choice

  • Best paint job
  • Best Scout theme

3) Scout Master’s Choice

Additionally all boys who finish a car and submit it for racing will receive a participant ribbon.

Pack 77 Pinewood Derby Rules… the fine print:)  


a)      The Pack 77 rules are intended to promote competition at a level most boys can achieve with minimal adult intervention.

b)      Cars must be made with the entire Official Pinewood Derby Kit as supplied, including wheels, axles,

and wood block. The BSA imprint must be visible on the wheels.


a)      Total weight of car may not exceed 5 ounces. The car may be hollowed out and built up to the

maximum weight by the addition of wood or metal only, provided it is securely built into the body of the car or firmly affixed to it.

b)      No loose materials of any kind are permitted in or on the car. No Mercury or depleted Uranium weighted cars will be allowed.

c)      Details such as steering wheel, driver, decals, or painting are allowed, as long as these details do not cause the car to exceed the maximum weight, length and width.

d)      All cars may be re-weighed and/or re-inspected at any time for cause, at the discretion of the Official

Starter, Finish Line Judge or Pit Official.


a)      The car must fit within the max dimension check box. It’s dimension in inches are – width 2.765, height 2.985 and length 7.0.  The car body’s width, where axles are inserted, should be approximately 1 ¾ inches wide to ensure the wheels will fit over the track guide strip. The track’s guide strip is roughly 0.25 inches high. The cars bottom should be sufficiently high enough to clear this.

b)      For pack 77, there is no limit on wheelbase (the distance between centers of the front and rear

axles) so long as the overall length, including wheels, is 7 inches as stated above. (If the car is raced at the Grand Canyon Council level, the wheelbase must measure between 4 1/4 and 4 5/8 inches.)

c)      The position of the axles is not regulated. It is not required to place the axles (nails) into the pre-cut

slots in the wood block.

d)      The car’s nose may not protrude past the starting gate. If the nose protrudes past the starting gate and the official starter is unable to adjust for a fair start, the protruding car will not be allowed to race.


a)      Wheels will be checked with a go/no-go gauge. No alteration, narrowing, lathe cutting, or re- shaping of wheels (inside or outside) is allowed. The minimum allowable wheel diameter is 1.170 inches and the minimum allowable width is 0.32 inches. Light sanding of wheel treads to remove irregularities or balance the wheel is permissible. No covers, stickers, or hubcaps will be allowed over the wheels or axles. The axle head must be visible. The serrated edges of the wheel treads must remain visible.

b)      Improved BSA wheels or axles purchased from sources such as ABC Pinewood Derby, Maximum Velocity, Win-Derby or others are prohibited. Only wheels and axles from the BSA official car kit, or BSA official wheel and axle kits, may be used. These components may be improved by the boys.

c)      Wheel bearings, spacers, and washers are prohibited.

d)      The car shall not ride upon any type of springs.

e)      All cars must have four wheels. (If entered in the Grand Canyon Council races, their rules require three of the wheels to touch the track surface at all times.)

f)       The car must be free-wheeling with no starting or launching devices. No magnets may be added to

the nose to get a boost from the track’s starting pin.

g)        (At the Grand Canyon Council race, all wheels will be removed from the winning cars and weighed individually. The minimum weight of each wheel is 2.45 grams. Pack 77 will not do this.)


a)      Cars may be lubricated before submission to the Start Judge. Cars may not be lubricated once impounded. Violation will result in ejection from the race.

b)      Any type of dry lubricant is permitted. Graphite is highly recommended.


a)      Numbers will be assigned and affixed at registration. The official number shall be clearly marked and visible at all times.

b)      No one will be allowed into the area immediately surrounding the track except the judges and the

Boy Scouts assisting the race.

c)      Boy Scouts will place the cars upon the track. All other persons will remain out of the track zone and will not obstruct the view of other spectators.

d)      The Official Starter will make sure that the cars are on the track properly and start the race. He/she will be the judge of whether the cars are properly aligned on the track, and of all matters in the starting area. He/she will also be the judge of false starts.

e)      Three cars will race at a time. Each race will be judged by the Finish Line Judge. The judge must

ensure the race was without incident and that the track electronics reflect the finish.

f)       Official Start and Finish Line Judges shall not judge any race in which they have a family member racing.

g)      Boy Scouts assisting the race will carefully carry the cars back to the starting impound area to await the next heat.

h)      The top qualifying times for each rank will race against each other for the Pack championship.

i)       Cars no longer among the top speed qualifiers for rank will be moved from the start impound area

to the appearance voting area by the Boy Scouts.

j)       If during a race, a car leaves the track, runs out of its lane, interferes with the other car, or loses an axle, etc., the race may be run again. There will be only one repeat race for this reason in any heat. If the same car has a problem again, the results of such race will stand, unless the problem car clearly interferes with the opposing car. In this case the interfering car will be declared the loser.

k)      Once racing starts, with approval from the Start Judge, contestants will be permitted to inspect their cars for damage in the impound area. If a car is found to be damaged, rule 7 applies and the Pit Official will be notified. The car must be moved to the pit area prior to repairs being made. The Pit Official is responsible for ensuring the repaired car still complies with rules 2, 3, 4, and 5 and the repair complies with 7 b, c and d.

l)       The ranks are defined as Tiger Cubs, Wolves, Bears, and two for Webelos 1 and Webelos 2. (Council

Pinewood Derby entrants will compete in the same category as they did in their district competitions. For units not utilizing a two-year Webelos program, fourth graders will compete as first year Webelos, and fifth graders will compete as second-year Webelos.)

m)     Racers arriving late (after the start of the next rank group); may be allowed to participate if time permits at the end of the next rank group. A last call announcement will be made prior to finishing registration. No other entries will be accepted after the call. If you will be arriving later, or cannot attend the event, ask someone else to bring your car to the event for you.

n)      The Scout must build a new car each year. Prior year cars, or cars built by others, are ineligible for trophies. If time permits, an “open” class may be run after the Scout racing has concluded. All cars must still conform to the size and weight requirements to ensure the track isn’t damaged.  The wheel conformance check is not necessary.

o)      Lack of understanding or knowledge of these rules will have no bearing upon race eligibility or results. Pack leadership reserves the right to amend the rules at any time.


a)      There will be an official Pit Area for repairs and alterations. If the car does not qualify at registration, alterations may be made by the racer and the adult(s) with whom he came.

b)      If needed, repairs will be permitted after racing begins and will be made in the official pit area under the direct supervision of the Pit Official(s). It is highly recommended that racers bring their own

spare parts, glue and tools.

c)      The Pit Official(s) will be the judge of what repairs are necessary and allowable. If wheels or axles are replaced, only those wheels or axles actually replaced may be lubricated.

d)      If a car requires repairs, its race will be delayed and the owner given time to make repairs while

racing continues within the same group. If more than 10 minutes have passed and no other races

are possible, the racer will forfeit if repairs have not been completed. Again, it is highly recommended that each racer bring spare parts and materials for repairs.


a)      No cheering or chanting (positive or negative) for specific cars or boys.  All contestants will be cheered equally.

b)      You can certainly cheer when your car wins! Good sportsmanship is expected.

c)       Graphite may only be applied on the “graphite application table” in the Pit area and prior to submission for racing.

d)      Food shall remain in the designated food area.

e)      Cub Scouts must remain outside of the track zone designated with tape on the floor.


November 2, 2019
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm MST