Pack 77 is part of the Grand Canyon Council.  The council has camp opportunities including summer camp at Lake Pleasant, Heard Scout Pueblo Day Camp, R-C Cub Scout Camp, Camp Geronimo Boy Scout camp, and Camp Raymond Boy Scout Camp.

  • Pack 77 attends the Heard Scout Pueblo 3 day day camp typically in one of the June sessions.  Registration should be done early in the year to get preferred sessions.
  • Cub Scouts can also attend overnight camp with adult family members at R-C.
  • Both Boy Scout camps have weekends were Webelos can camp overnight with an adult family member(s) and get a taste of what Boy Scout camp is like.  This is a great chance to get acclimated so they will be more ready to go off on their own to Boy Scout camp in later years as a member of the Troop.

Camp dates, fees and registration information can be found at the council website: